In Pictures: KWAL Launches All New Kingfisher Light

Kenya Wines Agency Limited (KWAL) has launched the all new Kingfisher Light, a strawberry flavoured ready to drink beverage with a 5% alcohol content that is looking to appeal to the modern, vibrant and outgoing consumer.

The swanky affair took place at the Marquee in Westlands, with a host of celebrities, social media influencers and corporate players in attendance.

The main difference between the new Kingfisher Light and its mother brand Kingfisher is the alcohol content which moves from 8% to 5%, with the vibrant, elegant and sophisticated woman being the brand’s key target.

KWAL is has been on the hunt to improve standards and remain top of consumers mind hence the recent re-launch and revamping of its leading vodka brand. Other KWAL brands include, Viceroy, County Brandy, Hunters Choice, Amarula, Cellar Cask, Savanna Cider and many more.

Check out some more images from the event:

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