Images From The Flyest Wedding in Africa’

“The Flyest Wedding in Africa” images are alluring, colorful and proudly African. The team responsible for the art project is a group of writers, artists and filmmakers called Content House Kenya, currently on an Artist’s Exchange Program in Turkana for a year.

The idea was to bring together artists from Turkana, Karamoja, Kampala and Nairobi to produce work addressing the issues facing the Ateker region (Turkana & Karamoja) in a direct or abstract manner. The Artists Xchange is part of the feature documentary Turkana: Races for Resources ( which will be released in 2020.

The documentary and projects such as these are playing an important role in showcasing Turkana’s rich history and culture.

Here’s how the fictional story of “The Flyest Wedding in Africa” began: “a photographer and stylist from Kibera, travelled to Turkana on assignment. While in Turkana Picha Marangi met Elizabeth Korikel, a translator, beading artist and singer. Each day at work they complemented each other’s style, struck by how they both loved bold colour and statement pieces. Along the way love blossomed.  To celebrate their nuptials, they created looks that incorporated their shared love for vivid colour, Elizabeth’s beading work and Picha Marangi’s redesigned thrift clothes.”

These are their wedding photos.


Artists: Elizabeth Korikel (beading) & Picha Marangi @pichamarangi (styling & clothes) Project Director: Jackie Lebo @jackielebo Project Lead: Chelagat Tum @kitalebird Photographer: Migwa Nthigah @migwa Makeup: Suki @sukimakeupafrica Hair: Corrinne Muthoni @corrinemuthoni Graffiti: Bankslave @bankslave Garment Construction: Tina Masese @tina_masese Metalwork: Sam Onyango Photographer’s Assistant: Kiragu Thuo @jkiragu Production Assistants: Sylvia Okoth @archi.ang & Njeri Mwangi @canjemwangi A @contenthouseke project

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