Ian Kibe Highlights Struggles In Latest ‘Scars’ Video

US-Based Kenyan Rapper Ian Kibe has set out to highlight his struggles following his latest video for the song ‘Scars,’ a track from his collaborative EP ‘No Title’ with fellow artist Blurr.

Kibe shared the inspiration behind ‘Scars,’ revealing that the song aims to convey a message about controlling one’s mind and body to avoid falling victim to vices.

The video dives into Kibe’s personal struggles and his ongoing battle against drug abuse, a theme that resonates throughout the song’s lyrics and production.

“The musical influence for the song “scars” came from the ether honestly but the theme of the song was to bring awareness towards drug abuse (something I myself struggle with but work towards concurring),” Ian Kibe said.

This personal struggle is something Kibe is actively working to overcome, and he hopes his music can help others facing similar battles.

The music video for ‘Scars’ plays a crucial role in bringing the song’s message to life. Shot in a public park, the location complements the song’s themes and helps draw viewers into Kibe’s world.

According to Kibe, the goal of the video is to enhance the listener’s experience by visually representing the struggle and recovery themes discussed in the lyrics.

“My vision with my verse on scars was to enlighten the listener on who I am and where I stand (peace) as well as inform the listener how to live an honest life,” he added.

Since beginning his music career in 2020, Kibe has quickly distinguished himself with his authenticity and the deeply personal reflection evident in his music.

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