‘I will Marry When I Want’ Makes Comeback In Theatres After 32 Years

A play, ‘I will Marry When I Want’ is set to make a comeback in Kenyan Theatres after 32 years ban.

I Will Marry When I Want

‘I Will Marry When I Want’ is written by Ngugi wa Thiong’o and the late Ngugi wa Mirii.

The play covers post-colonial themes of class struggle, poverty, gender, culture, religion, modernity versus tradition, and marriage as well as family.

First performed in 1977 at Kamiriithu Educational and Cultural Center, and despite commercial success, the play was shut down six weeks after its opening.

The writers were subsequently imprisoned for over a year.

The popular play is believed to have been the cause of Miiri and Thiong’o’s arrests in December 1977.

Authorities alleged portrayal of post-colonial struggles in the play harmed citizens.

The play, it was feared, could inspire a revolution.

Thiong’o and Miiri were later released in December 1978 and fled into exile.

Ngugi wa Mirii fled to Zimbabwe, while Ngugi wa Thiong’o fled to the UK, then to the US where he is a Professor of Comparative Literature and English at the University of California, Irvine.

Play Dates

‘I Will Marry When I Want’ is set to be staged in both Kikuyu and English from Thursday, May, 12th 2022 to Sunday, May, 29th 2022 at the Kenya National Theatre.