I Was Afraid Of Failing- Adelle Onyango Opens Up On Quitting Her Job

Former Kiss FM Presenter Adelle Onyango has opened up about one of the things she struggles within her career journey and how she experienced it when she made the decision to quit her job.

In a social media post, Adelle narrated how she handed her resignation letter with fear of failing and not knowing what awaited her.

“I remember when I was quitting my job, I danced with fear for 3/4 years! Fear of failure & fear of the unknown.

“Fear can be crippling and overwhelming. I remember thinking that I’d hand in that resignation when I’d feel no fear – nope, I was petrified when handing it in.” she wrote

Following her exit from the media house, the radio personality shifted her focus to a podcast ‘Legally Clueless” which has not just attracted a massive following but equally earned her global recognition.

Even as it seems like she has it all figured out, Adelle says that she still battled with fear but has learnt to do her best and not allow it to overpower her efforts.

“With my podcast/projects/partnerships I still experience fear.As I always say, fear will always be there, unfortunately. The thing is not to let it win. It’s tricky but caged by fear is no way to live.” she added

In 2019 her podcast was ranked the most popular Kenyan podcast and she later signed a deal with Trace FM; becoming the first radio personality in East Africa to have a syndicated radio podcast.


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