I Never Made a Shilling From MCSK- Tedd Josiah Speaks On Frustrations In The Music Industry

He is not a new name in the music industry, we in fact know him as a veteran music producer and his most recent venture as Creative Director at Jokajok Luxury Leather, but Tedd Josiah began as a musician.

He was part of several music groups before he became an East African sensation for producing several hit songs. He is known to have worked with big names like Suzzana Owiyo, Gidi Gidi Maji Maji in producing singles and even albums.

In a recent statement, Tedd opened up on the disappointments in the music industry and whether he intends on reviving his music career.

According to Tedd, he has never made music for a living since he never received any royalties from the Music Copyright Society Of Kenya, and to make it worse, the board has not even been able to trace his registration from 30 years ago.

Speaking on some of the setbacks in the industry, Tedd reveals how like many other artists, he would invest in his music but would not have any returns to account for his efforts.

“I never made music for a living. I paid for the music by making radio ads scoring for tv and films MCSK to this day haven’t managed to find my registration from 30 years ago! So I’ve never made 1 shilling from royalties. NOT 1” he wrote in his post

The music producer went further to lament on the mediocrity in the industry mentioning how average songs would be pushed on the media just because of bribery.

These frustrations according to him serve as a good reason not to attempt earning a living from music but only pursue it to fun. Despite the frustrations by the MCSK, Tedd believes that one thing that remains untouchable is the legacy left behind by artists.

This is not the first time musicians have raised concern over MCSK’s gaps which discourage artists.

Tetu Shani in a recent post also called out MCSK revealing that they cannot account for billions of shillings meant to pay artists since 2015.

Would i ever go back to making music for a living?- I never made music for a living.I paid for the music by making…

Posted by Tedd Josiah on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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