Kenyan Makeup Artist Grace Murema Shares her Experience Behind Creating Black Panther’s Special Effects

The 2018 American Superhero film Black Panther is one that was not just overly hyped and among the most-watched, but to the film lovers the compelling ‘Wakanda forever’ slogan became a movement. What some people don’t know is that some Kenyan contributors were also part of the process in the making of the film.

Grace Murema, a special effects makeup artist is still blown away by the fact that she got an opportunity to work on one of the projects in the Black Panther film.

Murema landed this deal when she was approached by Kenyan photographer Osborne Macharia who had been selected to work on the Afro-futuristic premiere project for Black Panther.

Speaking in a recent interview on NTV, Grace says that this was her biggest project ever and although she was never paid, the exposure means a lot to her.

“We were not paid but for me, it was fine because Black panther… it was exposure for me. I feel like it opened other opportunities” she stated

In a previous detailed statement, Murema revealed that she worked alongside other creatives and describes the experience as easy and humbling.

“The role was not stressful at all, perhaps because I teamed up with super talented artists such as Andrew Mageto, Valarie Mdeizi, Kevin Abbra, Sinitta Akello, Richard Kinyua, and Corrine Muthoni.” She stated

Far from this achievement, Murema admits that the challenge is in getting consistent deals and the overwhelming nature of the job which is what pushed her to open a school that offers special effects make up training.

“I decided to start teaching because jobs on set can get overwhelming and I do not have any help. decided to share the knowledge I have by training people and that is when I opened the school” she said

Apart from being part of the international project [Black Panther], Murema has also worked on several local movies including Disconnect and series like Mgema Akisifiwa and Maria.

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