I always craved to be on TV – Bridget Shigadi Opens Up On Her Acting Career and Challenges In Running Her Clothing line

Although she is popularly known for her acting role in the most-watched TV series Maria, Bridget Shigadi has been in the limelight since her relationship with film icon Nick Mutuma became known to the public.

Beyond her dating life which she has managed to keep private, Bridget has over the years grown her brand through her YouTube vlogs, commercial modeling, and influencing deals.

Currently, Bridget is at the center of attention for playing the antagonist role in the Maria drama which is aired every weekday on Citizen Tv.

The celebrated actress made her debut in the acting industry after she featured in the Disconnect film which saw her act alongside other talented acts; Kate Actress, Brenda Wairimu, Nick Mutuma, Pascal Tokodi, and Patricia Kihoro.

Speaking in regard to her journey in the acting industry, Bridget says that she always desired to be in front of the cameras particularly appearing on the Tv. According to her, this dream became true after Maria producers reached out to her.

“I knew I always craved to be on Tv but I wasn’t sure it was going to be through acting till Jiffy pictures decided to give me a chance” she said

The Yedu clothing CEO also shared on the progress and challenges in running her clothing line citing quality and good workmanship as her major set back.

“The hardest thing about the clothing industry in Kenya is getting the best quality and good workmanship and when you do pricing has to be insane.

“It’s still my dream to one day own a fashion house because I’d like to make and still own and sell my own created designs and not just buying ready-made clothes and labeling” she stated

On how she plans on balancing between her acting and fashion entrepreneurship careers, Bridget explained that she is currently focusing on her acting career although the clothing line business is her long term goal.


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