How to Travel Around Kenya on a Budget

Are you one of those people who love traveling but just can’t seem to due to financial constraints? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few secrets that can take you around the country even on a tight budget.

When it comes to traveling, three things you should consider: travel means, accommodation and food costs. Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries to traverse, these few tips will see the wanderlust in your kick off

Travel by road

Instead of taking that expensive return flight down to the Coastal Region of Kenya why not opt to travel by bus or better yet drive. This might take longer than anticipated but this is one of the major ways to save your coins plus you get to explore more and marvel at how beautiful Kenya is. This way you get to use the money you would have paid for a flight to offset other costs.

Consider traveling during the low season

Traveling over the holiday season is honestly expensive since most places hike their accommodation costs due to the high number of tourists visiting certain places. Most hotels will charge up-to twice the normal prices compared to the low season when demand is low. Do your research and travel when places are less crowded, traveling during the low season is honestly better since you even get to enjoy better services.

Book in advance

Try plan your itinerary and book your accommodation and travel means in advance, most places will offer great discounts for clients who book in advance. Last minute rushes might mean you dig a little deeper into your pocket.

Skip that resort and opt for a hostel, airbnb or camping

Camping or staying in a hostel can cut accommodation costs by half compared to staying in expensive resorts. Most people think camping means sleeping in the cold, contrary to that sleeping in a tent might actually turn out to be more exciting. Imaging going to the Mara or Naivasha and sleeping out in tents and waking up to the most beautiful views and wildlife walking around your camping site. Hostels provide comfortable beds though one would have to share a room with several people.

Travel in groups

Traveling with a group of friend is not only a fun way of spending your vacation but you get to share costs among yourselves.

Do day trips

Why not join that group of friends, do hiking at Mt. Longonot, Visit Hells Gate or Ole Pejeta for a few hours and drive back to Nairobi in the evening? Day trips are popular and one gets to meet new people and interact.

Prepare your own meals

Dining at restaurants is way expensive compared to buying and cooking your own food. Find local grocery places, shop for food you would need and prepare your food. Most accommodation places like Airbnb provide fully fitted kitchens where you can take turns to prepare meals.

Remember, traveling does not mean having to spend thousands just to have a good time. Kenya is one of the cheapest countries to explore, follow these tips and save your coins!