How To Cook Omena, Papa Shirandula, Maria Among Most Googled in 2020

The year 2020 has been one hell of a year. Literally.

So much has happened with most of it being on the negative side. Despite all the major happenings that have changed the world, including the Corona Virus, Kenyans didn’t change their search habits much.

In this year’s  “Year in search-2020” list released by Google, Corona Virus failed to make the most searched topic as Kenyans stuck to politics and mostly local trending topics.

In the “General List”, EPL standings topped followed by “US elections” and “Thank you Coronavirus helpers” came in at 3rd.

“People searched to know the league standings, fixtures, and results of their favourite football clubs. Kenyans keenly followed the US elections – comparing with their own and drew comical similarities between the two,” said Dorothy Ooko, Google’s head of communications and public affairs in Africa.

2020 has also seen us lose some very prominent names such as Papa Shirandula –who was first on the list– Ken Walibora, former President Daniel Moi, American basketballer Kobe Bryant among others. These names were among the most googled in the “Loss” list.

Kenyans also wanted to know how to cook. They google a few recipes with Omena coming in at number 6. Baking a cake using a jiko was at first.

Just like last year, 2020 also got a fair share of Kenyans looking for ways to conceive a baby boy. School reopening was also a topic followed by many as parents and students anticipated their return.

Take a look at the full list HERE


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