How To Build Your Social Capital

This world is run by people, for people. The sooner you learn this and start relating well the better and easier your life gets.

Think about it, every action is carried out by a person all with the aim of developing a solution for humanity.

Technically, problems and their solutions are all people.

Let’s define the term social capital first. Simply put, these are your connections. The right relational assets can help you get things done.

Jim Rohn once said, “ you are the aggregate of the five people you spend the most time with”.

What does your circle look like? Are they resourceful?

Below are some tips on how to build and capitalize on your social capital;

Build your character

Character attracts and retains. Aim to be that which you want to attract. People rarely walk together unless they agree. Soon enough the right relationships will be effortless.

Create solutions

Be a solution giver. People are looking for other people who can make their lives easier. Be that source of ease & look for answers within people too.

Invest in your relationship

Relationships need watering. Nourish your relationship with genuine care and time. We all do not like feeling used so don’t be a user.

Continually learn Expand your knowledge base through reading, training and interaction with others who know more.

Shoot your shots

Be bold and approach people who are thriving. We learn from people and the worst a person can say is, no, which is way better than living with a what if.

Finally, pray up for God to give you favor with humanity. It is men who guard doors and it is favor that opens them.

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