How to Bounce Back After Adversity

What do you do when your world comes crumbling and it didn’t even give you fair warning. Life can really give you some hard blows and worst of all is at times it feels like there is no half time. The match feels rigged, like you are bound to fail no matter your numerous attempts to throw a punch at it. The more you punch the bloodier your fists get and yet your opponent still look like they are winning.

If this is how you feel then this is just the article to give you some insider tips. These are tried and tested, this was me a few years back and I have a few things I can share;

  1. Don’t Give Up

Hard as it might be, hold on. Wake up every morning hopeful and expectant that this just might be the day things change. One of those days will surely be the day that things look up. The tide will change in your favour.

  1. Give Yourself Time

Building takes time. No great building is ever established in a day. Small efforts done consistently birth great results.

  1. Be Your Own Cheerleader

Notice the small wins, forgive the mishaps and exemplify the growth as small as it looks. I can’t forget how proud I was the day I managed to pay my monthly garbage bill. No one could convince me that it was ordinary.

  1. Ignore The Distractions

Acknowledge where you are and establish where you want to be. It’s okay not being okay, just don’t make that place your home. Establish your goals (small and big) and start working towards them a day at a time.

Finally and most importantly, trust God, He knew you would be where you are and He sure has a way out.

Remember, “Life is a journey not a destination”- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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