How The Punchline Comedy Valentine’s Special Went Down

Punchline Comedy Club orchestrated a laughter-filled Valentine’s Day celebration at the Two Grapes Bar & Restaurant in Kilimani. The event, aimed at celebrating connections and joy with family, friends, and loved ones, offered attendees a night of comedy, camaraderie, and, exquisite Gilbey’s Gin cocktails.

The comedy special showcased an array of local comedic talent. It provided audiences with a refreshing and authentic experience to mark the special day. Laughter echoed through the venue as comedians took to the stage, delivering punchlines and witty observations that kept the audience entertained throughout the evening.

Guests had the opportunity to indulge in specialized Gilbey’s Gin cocktails expertly paired with the food menu, enhancing the overall dining experience. Additionally, roses were distributed to add a touch of romance to the festivities. As a token of appreciation, attendees were treated to special Gin Valentine’s gift bags, tailored for couples and singles.

Zipporah Ndung’u, Gilbey’s Brand Manager at EABL, expressed her delight at infusing Nairobi’s Valentine’s Day with laughter through the partnership. “This collaboration exemplifies our dedication to creating unique and memorable experiences for our consumers,” said Ndung’u. “Together, we are crafting evenings of pure enjoyment, where Gilbey’s Gin’s smoothness perfectly complements the laughter echoing through the venue. This Valentine’s Day, we invite everyone to join us in celebrating the joy of togetherness and the magic of shared laughter.”

Eric Lu Sava, Founder of Punchline Comedy Club, expressed his excitement about the ongoing partnership with Gilbey’s Gin. “This partnership is a fusion of two elements that bring people together – laughter and libations,” said Lu Sava. “As we prepare to light up the stage with humor and heartwarming moments, we couldn’t be happier to have Gilbey’s Gin as our partner. Together, we are not just hosting an event; we are creating an unforgettable experience where love, laughter, and good times intertwine.”

Punchline Comedy Club, over the last five years, has provided a platform for local comedic talent to thrive, building a loyal fan base through open mic nights and digital content. With a reach across East and Central Africa, the club has attracted international and local comedic talent, consistently delivering laughter to audiences.

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