How The Inaugural She Voice Conference Went Down [PHOTOS]

The inaugural She Voice conference finally went down at The Mall, bringing together hundreds of female artists and entertainment industry professionals under one roof. Designed to empower and uplift women in the industry, She Voice emerged as a timely gathering during Women’s Month.

From the outset, She Voice set a tone of inclusivity and empowerment, addressing a wide array of topics ranging from technical intricacies such as Copyright and Cryptocurrency to branding essentials like marketing and content creation. The conference served as a beacon of mentorship and knowledge exchange, offering a platform for women to gain valuable insights and guidance from seasoned experts.

She Voice

Among the distinguished speakers were luminaries from various facets of the entertainment realm. Notable figures such as Ruby V, founder of Unkut, Copyright Lawyer Liz Lenjo, and Publicist Lynne the Brand, lent their expertise to the discussions, providing invaluable perspectives on navigating the complex landscape of the industry. Additionally, esteemed artists including Nadia Mukami, Phy, Ruguru, and Olivia Ambani shared their journeys and insights, inspiring fellow women to pursue their passions fearlessly.

She Voice

The conference also featured sessions led by accomplished Artist Managers Murugi Ireri and Irma Sofia, as well as Digital Marketer Elizabeth Nyambura, underscoring the diverse array of roles and opportunities available within the entertainment sector. Each session was marked by its interactive nature, fostering a spirit of engagement and collaboration among participants. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with industry professionals on a personal level, gaining practical advice and forging meaningful connections.

Adding to the vibrant atmosphere were the charismatic hosts Phyline Jean, Joy Munee, Vivian Ndegwa, and Eve Nyaga, whose infectious energy and charm kept the audience enthralled throughout the event. Their dynamic presence added an extra layer of excitement and camaraderie, infusing the conference with a sense of community and celebration.

As the curtains drew to a close on the inaugural She Voice conference, the echoes of empowerment and inspiration reverberated far and wide. The organizers have promised to have more similar conferences soon promising to make them bigger and better.

She Voice not only celebrated the achievements of women in the entertainment industry but also laid the groundwork for a more inclusive and equitable future.

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