How TECNO is Embracing iF Design Award with CAMON 19 series

Leading-edge technology is not the only selling point of smartphone manufacturers these days; the differentiated and stylish design is gradually becoming a key factor too. Excellent cell phone design is not just a decoration of the exterior or pure craft polishing, but also a kind of sensual experience that brings consumers a sense of personalized expression.

This is something TECNO has put effort into with editions such as the Mondrian Camon 19 . With the continuous pursuit of up-to-date exterior back-cover design, TECNO collected the iF Design Award for its recently-announced CAMON 19 Pro series smartphones, which were praised by international design experts. 

The iF Design Award is a highly influential and world-renowned organization for its “independent, rigorous and reliable” screening standards. These two honors validate TECNO’s capability to combine high-performance, high-value smartphones with stunning designs for young fashionistas.

What are some of these design features the TECNO CAMON 19s are winning awards for?

  1. The brand has eliminated the broad bezels around the phones going for a slimmer look.
  2. iF noted that the borderless design also creates a fresher borderless screen and expands the visual range.
  3. An aesthetic dual-ring triple camera.
  4. Dazzling back shell with 200 million stars diamond coating.
  5. Innovative technology behind the design.

It’s how everything works together that stands out, like the ultra-narrow screen combined with the display features and wide color gamut gives super clarity and brightness while using the phone. The same applies to the camera. Thanks to the fusion of technology and the unique design, TECNO CAMON 19 Pro offers an increasingly professional smartphone photography experience as well as an up-to-date stylish design to users who love fashion and have high expectation on aesthetics.

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