How Many of Nairobi’s Best Bakeries Have You Tried?

Nairobi has a lot to be grateful for! Especially for the best bakers in town who not only fulfill our sweet tooth needs but also deliver the best tasting pastries you’ve not imagined…yet. Below are some of our best bakery picks within Nairobi.


The promising, tasty pastry deliverer, Bbrood is located in different spots around Nairobi including Adlife. Their wide variety of serving is extremely accomodating to every taste. When you do pay them a visit, try their Almond Croissant and let us know your thoughts.

Cake City

Spongy, delicious, soft, and inviting – yep that is cake city for you! With its varied delicacies of cakes, the sweet tooth is highly covered. They are definitely determined to leave their mark within the cake lovers’ world. Check out them out here to not only salivate but to see options favoring your likes.

Donuts World

Donut world has always superseded expectations with its delivery. From baking the best cookies in town to serving amazing ring donuts – not forgetting their favorable prices. Donut World is totally worth a tastecation visit!

La Grenier A Pain

Nairobi owes France a thank you note for this amazing pastry stopover. La Grenier A Pain is the best French bakery in town that provides a variety of pastry trial menu. Located along Riverside, La Grenier is worth a breakfast, lunch, brunch, or dinner visit.

Cake Plaza

You know what they say, the best thing about Cake Plaza is the PRICE! However, we are here to add that their cakes range is beyond the norm. Make your order today and help us confirm this!