How Kenyan Celebs Rocked Halloween Costumes

This spooky season Kenyan celebs have gone all out, taking over our feeds with charming, spooky and sexy costumes.

Here’s are some of the looks;

From a Beautiful Rose to Embodying Cher’s Iconic looks; Victoria Kimani.

Victoria Kimani went all out, transforming to a beautiful red rose in her first halloween costume.

In her second look, the singer paid homage to Goddes of pop; Cher, embodying her iconic sexy looks.

Lupita Nyong’o Halloween Looks

Award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o took it all the way back with a spooky look from her horror film US Movie.

The star also celebrated costumes and re-enactments from movies she has featured in; from Black Panther, US Movie, Star wars and Little Monsters, she wrote;

“Its halloween weekend and I love seeing you go all the way with your costumes!”

For her look, Lupita had fun with it, dressing up as a Banana.

Larry Madowo’s Squid Game Look

CNN International Correspondent Larry Madowo decided to flow with the current pop phenomenon; Squid Games, dressing as a the deadly Squid Game Robot.

Elsa Majimbo’s Halloween Party

Comedian Elsa Majimbo had a good time with American singer Janelle Monae who was grinch for the spooky night.

From spooky, fun to sexy Kenyan celebs definitely went all out for Halloween 2021.