How Guinness ‘Easy Going Smooth Flowing’ Campaign Launch Went Down

This past weekend, on Saturday, October 8th at the Thika Road Mall rooftop, Guinness launched a new campaign ‘Easy Going Smooth Flowing’.

Guinness brought to life the ‘smooth flowing, easy going’ campaign, providing an action-packed event featuring musical performances by Chris Kaiga, Le Band, alongside other popular artists.

The event also came with games and activities, including body art by Mwende Njeru and Mwakisha, as well as smooth cuts by Wycliffe and Sos Peter.

Guinness Marketing Manager, Wanjiru Murage on ‘Easy Going Smooth Flowing’ Campaign

Speaking on the event, Guinness Marketing Manager, Wanjiru Murage said;

“We have curated this event to celebrate the smoothness of our beer, and give our drinkers nothing but good vibes so they can create beautiful meaningful experiences together, whilst they enjoy the delicious and smooth taste of Guinness Smooth,”

She added, “We believe that life is best enjoyed with an easy-going positive outlook, a playful spirit, and an openness to flow smoothly with new possibilities.”

“Guinness Smooth is the perfect blend of rich malty notes balanced with sweetness to create a flavorful beer with an extra smooth finish.” Said Murage.

Guinness Smooth

Guinness smooth was launched in 2003.

The beer offers all the characteristics of Guinness strength, with an extra smooth finish.

It has rich malty flavors and hints of sweetness balance perfectly in the swirl of countless minute bubbles to deliver a stout with lots of character and an extra smooth finish. 

The beer was developed by the Guinness master brewers with the support of KBL’s brewing team in Kenya.