How EABL’s Black & White Nakuru Affair Went Down

On Tuesday, 25 October 2022 EABL hosted The Black & White Nakuru Affair.

Hart The Band, Nadia Mukami, Hush BK and Jus-Music Perform at Nakuru’s Black and White Affair

Over 2000 consumers from Nakuru and its environs were treated to an electrifying party experience.

Nadia Mukami, Hart the band and Nakuru artists’ Hush BK and Jus-Music were among the artist performing at the event.

DJ Grauchi, DJ Most Wanted and DJ Jomba kept revellers on their feet all night long.

Speaking during the event held at Athletics Club, Nakuru, EABL Shopper Manager, George Karume said the company is looking to deliver better experiences for consumers across the country with subsequent Affairs.

“We are excited to bring back the entertainment life in Nakuru.” Said Karume.

Karume added the brand is grateful for consumers showing up to the Black & White Affair, which connects the younger generation.

“We are grateful to all our consumers for showing up to experience the playful side of scotch with Black & White.” Said Karume

“We look forward to delivering even better experiences for our consumers across the country with subsequent Affairs. Look out for the next Affair coming to your town soon.” He concluded.

EABL’s ‘The Black & White Affair’

EABL’s ‘The Black & White Affair’ is part of Black & White Scotch Whisky’s celebration of its consumers’ vibrancy.

Black and White is a classic old blend of some of the finest whiskies in Scotland, with a high proportion of quality grain whisky.