How Chimano Left HBR Radio To Focus On Sauti Sol

Willis Chimano, once the beloved voice of Homeboyz Radio, made a bold decision more than a decade ago that changed the course of his career and it paid off immensely.

Mwalimu Racheal recently reminisced on a popular podcast about Chimano’s departure from the radio station to officially focus on his music career with Sauti Sol.

Chimano was highly regarded at Homeboyz Radio for his captivating voice and charismatic on-air presence. However, faced with a pivotal choice between his radio job and pursuing his passion for music with Sauti Sol, Chimano made the courageous decision to follow his heart.

 “Chimano was the golden boy of Homeboyz Radio because of his golden voice. He would talk on the mic and you fall in love, our boss John Rabar loved him. One day he came to me and Dela Maranga and he said he is quitting radio. Then we had a show and we asked him why. He said he was in a band of four people and his band told him to chose between radio and them and he chose music,” she said.

Heavy is The Crown

According to Mwalimu Racheal, Chimano’s decision was met with surprise and concern from colleagues, including herself and fellow artist Dela Maranga. However, Chimano remained steadfast in his determination to prioritize his music career.

Recalling the momentous occasion, Mwalimu Racheal revealed that Chimano had confided in them about his band’s ultimatum, forcing him to choose between radio and music.

“We told him not to do it but Chinamo said he had to follow his heart. He went to John Rabat’s office and explained. The meeting ended and he left. One month later, while watching The Beat, we saw Chimano singing Lazizi on TV. He was big from there. It was such a gamble and it paid off,” she added.

Despite their attempts to dissuade him, Chimano remained resolute in his decision.

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