Hotel Review: Mount Kenya Fairmont In Nanyuki

The feeling you get when you arrive at the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club in Nanyuki is “I never want to leave this place.” Maybe it is because the resort that has 110 luxurious hotel rooms and villas sits in over 100 acres of landscaped gardens. The picturesque green grass beautifully contrasts the blue sky as far as your eyes can see. This gives you an immediate sense of tranquillity which is exactly why we go on holiday, right?

During the day, and especially, in the early morning hours the peaks of Mt. Kenya are seen so clearly it hits you how magical this country is. We could go on and on about the exterior elements of the Fairmont Mt Kenya, which is definitely a huge part of its charm.

The resorts main structure is painted strikingly white with brown tiled roofing reflecting the 1950’s colonial architectural design. Inside are some rooms, the restaurants, bar and lobby. Across the expansive land, are several separate cosy cottages, suites, a modern spa (in construction), a golf course, an animal orphanage and other hidden outdoor spots.

No matter where you are the interior is classy with shades of cream and polished wooden furnishings with a country home feel. The ZeBar and the Colobus Restaurant have different decor themes. ZeBar is beautifully set up with some Zebra print fabric on the bar stools and seats while the Colobus is more colourful in green.

Accommodation options range from a standard room to bigger suites and cottages that can host more people. Divided by the equator, to a northern or southern side, the rooms either have the mountain, gardens or riverside views. All the rooms feel like you are at home and we are not just saying this. They are cozy, warm and inviting- with fireplaces in some.

You will have amazing breakfasts, lunch and dinner during your stay whether you choose to have a buffet at Tusks or eat at Colobus. The ZeBar also has the best cocktails and an impressive selection of drinks.

Guests have fun options to pick from to spend time outside including golfing on the Equator, horse riding in the forest, animal orphanage visit, dog walking and an amazing slopes breakfast and bush dining.

KV Reccomendations: Visit the maze and see how long it takes you to finish, visit ZeBar and sit outside, order something not on the menu, ask for Grammy and Tusker, spot the peacocks, go for a swim, and visit the animal orphanage.

Mount Kenya Fairmont hotel is undoubtedly one of the top resorts we have in the country; a true gem with scenery, fantastic amenities and all round quality service.

Images: Paul Ace7


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