Hot New Tunes From The Kenyan Scene This Week!

31 October of 2018 by

We are on the last leg of October and here are some of the banging beats from the 254 music scene.

P-Unit Feat Trina Mungai

Hip-hop group P-Unit is on a roll with club bangers this year. They just released this hot record featuring on the come up star Trina Mungai titled – Me-I. The reference echos how most Kenyans talk in their day to day banter hence the phrase Me-I. The record is produces by Kompact Records and its a banger with an interesting string of stories from start till end.

Timmy Tdat – Pogna Matin

Timmy has been in a strange musical space since he joined the Radio industry. However, he was not on Radio for long and he is back to putting out music. The new release  ‘Pogna Matin’ is a ragga inspired anthem with an easy to remember hook. As Timmy tries to find his form once again, I know this will help in his quest.

The Kansoul Feat Assasin & Krachi

Another street record orchestrated by Madtraxx and Meja featuring some new cats Assasin and Krachi is the beat of the moment. The jam, ‘Whine Mashin’ has some heavy 80’s dancehall samples and it just sounds street. The video makes it more interesting from the location to the vixens doing the dancing routines. Check it out below.


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