Hot Dance Trends You Should be In Tune With

Dance and music share an intimate relationship – they are inseparable and dependent on each other. It is important for artists to keep this in mind if they want their art to withstand the test of time. On the Kenyan scene, legendary dance styles like Mosquito, Kadunga, Kuku dance, Slide, Helicopter, Wave and many others are still improvised and brought back.

In 2017, dancing is slowly creeping back to the music scene and it is getting the attention it deserves. If you attend any function lately, the Bazokizo dance is the order of the day. Collo and Bruz Newton are enjoying fruits of the dance video a year later after its release. What other dance jams should you borrow dance moves from?

Other jams you can borrow dance moves from:

Odi Dance By Timeless Noel, Jabidii and Hype Ochi

This viral video routine is so popular with the younger generation of high schoolers. They make the complicated moves look easy and you watch in awe. ”Odi” short for ordinary entails convoluted body twists and turns – honestly, I cannot do.

Check it out below and get practicing.

Zikwembe – Bruz Newton

The Zikwembe dance is interesting and the artist reaffirms that it is important to dance. “All Power belongs to God Almighty so Dance in gratitude for his strength in your life. Dance in worship of his Power.” The dance suggests moves you perform while performing a cardio workout or lifting light dumbells. Not too fast or rushed, everyone can try this dance.

Shoot Satan- Jabidii

Get ready to be violent on this dance as the lyrics suggest. It is total war. As Jamaicans say ‘Buss a blank’ where you cork your gun and shoot a blank bullet in the air, that’s what this dance suggests. Get ready to stump the enemy.

Watch and learn here:

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