Hopes Pinned On Kenya’s Malkeeya To Bring The Old Mutual Amazing Voices Season 2 Prize Home

Old Mutual Amazing Voices Season 2 is on and the competition is getting heated up. The show which has been airing since 11th April 2021, seeks to recognize and award exemplary talents across Gospel, Pop, and RnB genres from participating nations: Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

A number of groups have already been eliminated in the contest so far. With only one Kenyan group Malkeeya left as the other Kenyan group Vipaji was eliminated, all hopes are pinned on Malkeeya to fly the Kenyan flag high once again, after their predecessors Wanavokali, who won the first season of this singing competition last year.

Malkeeya members had been together for 3 months prior to the call for submissions and challenged themselves to try out this contest. The group of six has managed to deliver spectacular performances despite the challenges. Their rendition of Ammara Brown’s Akiliz, a song that had been performed previously by one of the judges and could have easily sent them home, was well delivered and allowed them to get to the next level.

On the other hand, Vipaji’s music future is still bright despite their elimination from the contest. The Lower Kabete based group members admitted that they were grateful for the experience gained through practical musical and financial advice, that will hold them in good stead as they advance their careers.

A cash prize of US$ 100,000 and the highly coveted Amazing Voices crown are for grabs this season. Catch all the season 2 action in the following channels: Maisha Magic East Kenya at 18:00, Mzansi Magic and Mzansi Wethu South Africa at 17:00, Zambezi Magic Zimbabwe at 17:00, Africa Magic Ghana at 15:00, and Africa Magic Nigeria at 16:00.

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