Home Decor Reloaded With Savannah Space Christmas Fair

28 November of 2018 by

This year’s Christmas happens to fall on a weekday thus the need to utilize every given weekend. My question then will be how much do you love your home? How enticing would you like it to look? The ideal answer lies with Savannah Space, an upcoming multi-vendor e-commerce website for furniture and home decor items made in Kenya.

We all love to invite guests over to a perfect looking home, a dashing sight with a touch of elegance – even better custom made from our very own Kenyan market. Savannah has thus set aside December 1st for a Christmas Fair by inviting over 30 different furniture vendors to showcase their designs and give you a brain tweak on variety taste of home favorable antiques, pots, vases, chairs and so on.

If you are a lover of class then then you need to save the date. The Christmass Fair will give you a chance to budget and plan on what to order for a 2019 resolution home re-vamp kind of feel. Do not be left behind.

The event that will be happening at The Node Westlands from 10 a.m – 7 p.m. There will be an all-day happy hour, a live band, and an after party till midnight. This is definitely a polite party that all home lovers, should attend.


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