Home Away From Home: The Coffee Casa Goodness

Coffee Casa has an obvious occidental set up coupled with a high ceiling which gives it a very mature millennial vibe. The warmth, the enriched color combos, the posh feeling reminds you of a home you know or perhaps desire to have. The restaurant that is located in Parklands 3rd Avenue, Doctor’s Park mezzanine floor also has a ritzy-esoteric bar with a very welcoming aura that will leave you wanting to ‘snatch’ all the cocktails.

Kenyan Vibe met up with Ms. Anhar Essaje the owner of Coffee Casa to speak about the sublime eatery away from home. Ms. Anhar who is not only lively but exceptionally friendly took time to share with us the Coffee Casa story. She’s also the one responsible for the creative designs in the restaurant forming what could easily be termed as a modern mood, creating a home away from home.

Keeping to the spirit of creating a home, she supports local arts as all the well-polished tables and seats are all Kenyan-made, the classic contemporary paintings were custom made especially for the restaurant by college students to complement the coffee casa chill vibe. The restaurant that is only a year old has a fairly chic aura that is accommodating to all age groups despite the youth-like ambiance.

The welcoming waiters meet you at first entry presenting you with the up-to-date menu. However, it is easy to consult the female head chef, Chef Wacheke on what to eat if unsure, dating to her food wisdom. The foods at Coffee Casa are an inviting measure not only from the plate set up or the obvious eye-catchy garnish but also the luring smell. The foods that range from Ksh.350 through Ksh.1500 are bountiful, you would think it’s twice the normal amount.

Among all the best dishes at Coffee casa. The first layered dish was the:

Home Made Fries:

Made from boiled cubed potatoes mixed with cooked yellow capsicums, cocktail butter and onions. The mildly chilled delicacy has a tasty crumbly feeling to the mouth. The homemade fries that go for Ksh.350 can easily be ordered as a home snack and the best drink for it for thee adults is a cold beer for the kids definitely a smoothie would do the trick.

Pan Seared

Similar to pan-fried, the fried fish is accompanied by stir-fried peppers and vegetable rice inclusive of carrot puree and diced lemons as garnish both filling the plate with a rich inviting look. The divine fish that contributes to both a somewhat far fetched gooey taste contributes to a rich texture that happily combines with the vegetable rice leaving you wanting more, definitely a combo that should loyally be made an entree in every food lovers dining room. However, the fish can be substituted by chicken or meat in the request of a client. The dish that is super delectable can be justly complimented with white wine.

(You know what they say, white wine white meat, red wine red meat!). The dish that ranges from 1000 to 1200 a plate is included in the new Coffee Casa menu, be the first to try it out. Thank us later!

Casa Burger

The signature casa burger left us mouth watered not only because of the taste obviously but the commanding presence of the slates that included vegetables, guacamole, beef patty (in request there’s chicken), lots of cheese, fried egg, caramelized onions, creamy mushroom sauce, cocktail sauce and a side of home fries. The casa burger that has a very fresh, vibrant and crunchy feel has enough zing to keep you jollied up. The casa burger that is well complemented with a shake fairly enriches the robust taste.
Definitely one for the keeps and one for the must-eat delicacy list!
The burger that goes for Ksh.1,000 has offers on Fridays at 4:00 pm for two burgers at Ksh.1600. You got to love Coffee Casa!

Spinach Stuffed Chicken
The hearty meal that has a rich combination of spinach wrapped in boneless chicken breasts, has a streak of mashed potatoes and a mix of veg on the side. The mushroom sauce that has an earthy silkiness leaves an elegant, honest-good taste. The dish that goes for Ksh.1200 is a healthy one as it keeps the diet from carbs to proteins and vitamins in check. Highly recommended!

The dessert.
You know the saying if dessert ain’t last it can’t be first.

Okay I lied, there’s no saying like that but the yummy cakes served at coffee Casa left us spoiled for choice however we settled for the chocolate cake.
The cake that was served with a side of vanilla ice cream and strawberry as a garnish was a homespun masterpiece. It was fluffy, toasty brown, and shot through with a cold fresh feel. The chocolate cake that goes for Ksh.400 is a mood setter and definitely a taste cheer you would not want to deny yourself or anyone else at that matter.

Once we keep healthy we are definitely allowed to play. The casa bar that is literally adjacent to the restaurant has a welcoming well lit balcony that spreads natural light during the day. The bar that has an elusive but airy aura is a chic welcoming space for a good hang. The bar that has been properly set by a modern comfy home set up had an endless cocktail list to offer. For the lovers of the lilacs, purples then Purple rain is for you. Making the list in the new menu, below are some must-have cocktails:

Crowd Tamier
This was definitely a favorite. The crowd tamier is richly combined with tastes of pineapple juice, Malibu and vodka. The fruity tasty in this cocktail is highly complimented with sizeable glass and the olive green sugar particle artistically dusted on the glass rim followed by a piece of pineapple slice. The strawberry and the paper parasol (cocktail umbrella) neatly arranged on the cocktail stick is just idyllic for the garnish. The crowd tamier is a must-try for all cocktail lovers.

Blueberry Martini

Most of us love a good martini and Coffee Casa is fully aware of this. The Blueberry martini that is richly endowed with vodka and blueberry juice added up with a bit of rum has an exceptionally fiery taste. This Casa martini has been combined with strawberry slices and sugar particles embellish on the glass rim followed by the slice of orange for garnish giving the martini a sublime brightness and a very present fruity tropical-like taste. Are you a lover of martini then you warmly just got served.

Purple Rain
Rum and vodka combo has never been made right. The cocktail that is well mixed with gin and some lemon juice is well stirred giving a rich crispy taste. The ice cubes floating on the glass followed by strawberry on a cocktail stick for garnish has a perfect feel for a chill drink for a good ol’ conversation.

Rose Ginger Love

What hits your head when you hear a rose ginger love combination? Definitely, a rose perhaps ginger and maybe love in the air. Well, to be fair I thought so too but I was not even close. The Rose Ginger Love is a signature cocktail that has a very simple classy taste to it. With vodka in it, the rose ginger has an enticing rosemary smell that easily gives an earthy feeling it. It has a very sweet taste and a simplified garnish of a curled like cucumber strip on the cocktail stick. This cocktail is equally highly recommended.

Choosing an ideal restaurant can be tedious especially if you are looking to eat then party right after. Coffee Casa has made this easier by being an all-rounded, chill-out area. The restaurant equally supports creatives by offering free space for book launches, album releases so long as the clients get their amazing foods from the menu. Wondering where to go for a date, perhaps listen to some comforting jazz or read that novel in a quiet ambiance, Coffee casa is your hub.