HMD Launches First Original Phone Collection In Kenya: HMD Pulse Collection

Human Mobile Devices (HMD) has made a bold entry into the Kenyan smartphone market with the launch of its first line of smartphones under the original HMD Pulse Collection line: HMD Pulse Pro, HMD Pulse+, and HMD Pulse. This unveiling marks a significant milestone for the tech innovator, setting the stage for a new era of smartphone sophistication and accessibility.

The HMD Pulse collection is designed to resonate with consumers seeking clean lines, modern aesthetics, and bold design at an accessible price point. Speaking at the launch event in Kenya, Sanmeet Singh Kocchar, Vice President Africa, Middle East, and Asia (AMEA), highlighted HMD’s commitment to serving diverse markets with excellence, innovation, and integrity. He further emphasized the company’s focus on understanding consumer needs and anticipating market trends, positioning the Pulse Family as a testament to this dedication.

Additionally, Joseph Umunakwe, General Manager, West, East and Central Africa (WECA), underscored HMD’s vision to champion people’s creativity by providing a platform for innovation. He talked about the endless possibilities for customization and enhancement, ranging from extended battery cases to portable medical equipment, catering to the evolving needs and preferences of consumers.

The launch of the HMD Pulse series aligns with the FIY (fix-it-yourself) trend, particularly popular among the younger generation. Research from HMD indicates that 41% of Gen Z consumers are more likely to purchase an electrical device if they can repair it themselves at home. HMD predicts a significant shift in consumer purchase habits, with three out of every four devices sold in Europe in 2024 being repairable.

HMD Pulse Series

Leading the Pulse series is the HMD Pulse Pro, tailored for selfie enthusiasts. Boasting a market-leading 50MP Selfie Camera and AI Super Portrait mode, the Pulse Pro promises to elevate selfie game to new heights. With intuitive Selfie Gesture Navigation and vibrant color options such as Glacier Green, Twilight Purple, and Black Ocean, the Pulse Pro combines style with substance.

Accompanying the Pulse Pro are its siblings, HMD Pulse+ and HMD Pulse, offering impressive battery life and Gen 1 repairability. The Pulse+ features a 50MP rear camera and depth sensor, while the Pulse strikes a balance between affordability, performance, and repairability with its 13MP camera and AI HDR capabilities.

With top-range specifications at a mid-range price point, the HMD Pulse Family aims to democratize the smartphone category, making advanced technology accessible to all. As consumers embark on their digital journey with HMD, the company encourages responsible screen time management and emphasizes the importance of living in the moment.

Looking ahead, consumers can expect a new portfolio of HMD original mobile devices, alongside Nokia phones and exciting new partnerships, reflecting the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and consumer satisfaction. For further information about HMD and its products, visit the HMD website.

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