Hit Travelling Web Series ‘Fly Guy’ Heads To The 254

The “Fly Guy Show” – a traveling web series hosted by comedian and diarist Meir Kay, is coming to Kenya later this week – from the 23rd of this month, to the 3rd of December.

And the humorous take on the beauty and culture wrapped up in the world of travel will be Co-hosted by singing sensation Gilad Milo, with both looking to showcase the art, the fashion, the sport, the music and the rest of what the country has to offer, beyond your usual touristy fare.

It’s part of what the Kenya Tourism Board is looking at, with regards to new media and the telling of new stories: how can we showcase the diversity of a continental powerhouse, by engaging an increasingly younger audience.

One of his most recent videos focused on the Homeless in New York City

It’s one of the most popular videos of the Jewish film director, producer, and motivational speaker. He set himself up at a location in the heart of New York, armed with a barber and a dentist to give as many homeless people as possible the makeover of a lifetime.

And the homeless are a big feature in his video – part of the very nuanced manner in which he tackles the concept of travel entertainment. In this particular video, he through a super bowl party for the homeless – again in NYC. Food, drink, love and friendship.. The Super Bowl for most is a holiday, up there with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukah. We feast, drink and surround ourselves with family and friends.

With that in mind, as well as a unique take on social media and spreading the message, it will be interesting to see what they manage to coax out of the 254.

Follow Meir Kay’s exploits further, on his Facebook account.


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