History Is Made As Octopizzo Receives An Invite To The Grammy Awards

Kibera’s finest Octopizzo keeps on pulling winning stunts year in year out. He has been teasing us with some singles off his album which is expected to drop anytime soon.

This past weekend, Octopizzo took to his social media to announce that he will be attending the 60th edition of the prestigious Grammy Awards show. Octo received his official invitation letter from the Grammys Team after he submitted his songs but never got a nomination. He hopes to get a nomination in the near future and is working towards that.



So, Octopizzo stands as the first Kenyan artist ever to receive an official invitation and will be traveling New York, Madison Square Garden on the 28th of January. On an emotional post, Octo dedicated the milestone to his parents.

“Wish Mum & Paps were here so that I take them with me to the Grammys. 1st Kenyan Hip-hop artist probably 1st East African to be invited to the Grammys. I’m wearing this T-shirt to the Grammys in hope that mum & Dad will be in attendance. #iDidItForYouMama. They’ll never look down on us again!”

The Grammys will recognize the best recordings, compositions, and artists of 2018. The nominations were announced on November 28, 2017. The “pre-telecast” ceremony (officially named The Premiere Ceremony) will be held on the same day prior to the main ceremony.

We wish Octopizzo all the best and hope he will represent the 254 with all the grit and pride.


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