Hip-hop Community Mourns Rapper Big Mic

The Kenyan hiphop community is mourning following the death of rapper Big Mic.

Big Mic, a respected pioneer of Kenyan hip hop, passed away on Monday following a short illness. He was a member of the famed four-member rap group Nannoma which came out in 1999. Other members of the group were Eric Musyoka aka Masta Aajab, Mbwa Kali and Chizi Nomaa.

Mic, who was also very dedicated to the culture, participated in several hip hop projects such as British Council’s WAPI battles and mentoring younger rappers. In 2007, he won Channel O Rap Awards as Africa’s best freestyle.

Several rappers took to social media to mourn him saying the local hiphop scene had lost a great mind.

“1/4 of legendary hip-hop group NANNOMA is no more. Condolences to his family and friends. He was the Best rapper/Producer/Designer /friend. What a sad day for the Kenyan music industry. We lost 1. RIP BIG MIC,” said Chiwawa.

Famed graffiti artist Point Blank Evumbi penned an emotional tribute reminiscing working with the rapper.

“For the second time this year, I was struck by news that stopped me in my tracks… I apologize to all my clients and thank my workplace for letting me go through this,” he said on social media.

“Your transition from this plain is very hard for me to accept. I do, choose not to question God’s mind. You and I have always had the blessing and curse of our careers. We took the burden of it all and never complained. You were way better at adapting to the balance of work and life. For a decade, had a Queen by your side. I’m grateful that our last two occasions hanging out, you were welcoming and graceful to the woman I love.”

He went on:

“I’m already struggling with the fact that you’re not here. Nobody to cypher with at the drop of a hat, video call when happy or sad…I miss you and will always love you, Mike. Rest, knowing I will finish ALL we started.”

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