Hillsong London Worship Arrives in Nairobi, Set to Transform the City with an Electrifying Worship Concert

Get ready, Nairobi! The sensational Hillsong London Worship team has just landed in your city, and they’re bringing a wave of divine music and soulful worship that’s going to light up the night sky. 

For the first time ever, these global worship sensations are set to grace Kenya with their presence, and the excitement is just buzzing through the air!

“We’re super excited for the night, and we’ve got a whole lineup of songs that everyone loves,” shared a team member, their excitement infectious.

This event set for Saturday 18th November at Carnivore Grounds isn’t just a concert; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience to join in a global community of worship. The team will be performing alongside an incredible lineup of artists, including Musandi Kababa from Swaziland, Kenyan gospel sensation Alice Kimanzi, and the Nairobi Chapel worship team, Karura Voices. Each artist brings their unique flavor to this spiritual feast, creating a mosaic of worship that transcends borders.

This event in Nairobi is part of Hillsong London’s mission to spread joy and unity through music. They’ve already left audiences spellbound in Rwanda, and now it’s Nairobi’s turn to be captivated. 

So, mark your calendars and prepare your hearts for a night that promises to be more than just music. 

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