Highlights: Koroga Queens Edition Featuring Phy, Fena and Asa

The March edition of Koroga Festival had an all-female line up; the carefully chosen acts were Kenyan artistes currently at the top of their game: Phy, Fena and the ingenious Asa from Nigeria.

The road to Nairobi Mamba Village was moving slowly due to traffic at around 2 pm, a sign the event would be packed! We arrived, thanks to SWVL, a bus booking app that had free trips.

Phy was just getting on stage when we got there, and it was my first time seeing her perform live – I am now a fan! She can siiing! The best part was towards the end of her performance when five ladies joined her on stage to jam with her – the outcome was epic! She’s definitely worth watching live if you haven’t.

Next up was Fena, whose hits many of us could sing word for word, whether right at the front or at the back where several tents and bars were stationed. We got a chance to chat with some non-Kenyan festival goers who only knew of Asa prior to the event, but after watching Fena do her thing, they fell in love with her.

Asa got on stage at quarter to 7pm singing her hit song; “Fire on the mountain.” And in the next hour or so she took us through an emotional journey with her songs.

“Asa’s performance was exactly as I expected it to be. First off, the sound and band were on point. Her performance was moving, emotional and she really engaged the crowd. Her ability to play different instruments live on stage topped it for me,” a comment from one of the revelers.

This edition’s venue was a downer as expressed by some: finding a place to sit was a challenge, the sun, dust and other elements were bothersome as well. Parking and getting to the venue was not easy either. This may affect the next event and we await to see what changes the organizers will make.

Other venues Koroga has been held include Carnivore, Two Rivers Mall and Uhuru Gardens.

What’s your preferred venue for a gig in Nairobi?

Images courtesy of Koroga Festival Twitter Feed

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