Highlights From Jah Cure Nairobi Concert

Grammy-nominated singer and Jamaican producer Jah Cure was in the city this past weekend for the inaugural Umoja Splash Festival held at Uhuru Gardens.

Albeit hitting the stage past 2 am, he came out to a roaring crowd of over 5000 staunch Reggae fan eagerly waiting for him. Draped in Maasai regalia accompanied by Maasai worriers, he came out chanting the hit single ‘Dem nuh build great man’.

On his 1 hour and a half performance, he went through hit songs like ‘Before I leave’, ‘Longing for’, ‘Love Is’, ‘Stronger’ and many more while vibing with the crowd. He took time to change outfits as well.

The biggest song of the night was ‘Call on me’ which Jah Cure sang acapella style and the ladies went bonkers. The band was equally exceptional in recreating jams like ‘You never find’ and ‘That girl’.

Besides the sound issues and the main act being late to hit the stage, it was a great Reggae experience.

More images from the concert below:

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