Here’s What You Need To Know About Sauti Sol’s Label – Sol Generation Records

13 March of 2019 by

In the recent past, the newest production outfit in town – Sol Generation put out their debut single for our consumption and it was and still is banging.

The record is performed by melodical genius Bensoul on beats laid out by Sol Generation Records and we sought to know what the production house owned by Sauti Sol members is all about. Here’s an excerpt of the conversation with the management.

K.V When did the idea of a label come about?

Soul Generation: The idea of a label has always been there. We have always wanted to start a label since we started our music career when we were being inspired by acts like Jay Z. It is inspiring to see acts like Diamond Platnumz and Davido run an entity that is even bigger than them through their record labels.

We emulate that kind of business model that’s why we enrolled in the Stanford program just so we could get a proper understanding of how to approach business from a global perspective. We completed the course successfully and currently being guided by our business coach on how to run a label from a business approach.

K.V : Why a music Label?

Sol Generation : Why not a Music label?

K.V : What are you guys offering different from other labels?

Sol Generation: We are offering a different and realistic approach. We come on board with 10 years worth of exprience as Sauti Sol. And with this experience, an artist can take a much shorter time to achieve what Sauti Sol has achieved this far if they are hardworking and always looking to improve themselves.

K.V: What specifically are you looking for in an artist for them to be signed to the label?

Sol Generation: Realness. They must be able to play an instrument and be in love with music.

K.V: Any new cats you guys have spotted already and ready to showcase?

Sol Generation: This year we’re unveiling at least four acts. There are artists coming your way who have been working on their content; videos and music. It’s gonna be an exciting year for listeners, viewers and readers.

K.V: Where is the studio located?

Sol Generation: Our offices are located along Peponi Road and our studios are a partnership because we offer the best of space for best quality music. But it does not matter where the studios are located, what matters is what comes out of the studio.


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