Here’s What Sleeping In Makeup Does To Your Skin

Sleep helps our bodies in rebalancing and renewing itself, keeping the skin looking fresh and bright. However, sleeping in your makeup tends to inhibit the natural process from happening. Additionally, falling asleep without cleansing your face can immensely impact your skin negatively. It leads to the accumulation of bacteria, dirt, and pollutants from makeup which prevents microcirculation.

Here is a list of what happens when you sleep in your makeup:-

Swollen, Red, Puffy Eyes

Lashes protect our eyeballs from debris, so when we don’t wash them thoroughly, that debris mixed with makeup will trigger puffy, red eyes.

Your Cells Cannot Regenerate 

When you sleep, your skin regenerates. When your pores are blocked, your skin cannot breathe, and thus it cannot regenerate.

Dry, Cracked, Peeling Lips

Many low-quality lipsticks contain a long list of chemicals that can quickly dry your lips out when worn for long periods, like when sleeping.

Blocked Pores = Acne

Sleeping in makeup clogs your pores. When the pores are blocked, they produce a bumpy texture. If you are acne-prone, it can even lead to breakouts.

Broken, Brittle Lashes- Stye

Sleeping in mascara cannot only cause your lashes to become brittle and break off but can also clog your lash follicles, creating stye.

Premature Aging- Wrinkles

When skin does not adequately produce collagen, it ages faster than it should, creating more wrinkles and deepening existing ones.

Makes Your Skin Dry And Dull

Long-term sleeping in makeup interferes with the natural shedding or exfoliation process of the skin; this results in a duller, dry, coarse complexion.

Rashes, Eczema, And Dermatitis

Failing to remove eye makeup and leaving shadows, liners, and mascara on can result in causing a rash, dermatitis, or eczema on the eyelids.

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