Here’s What I Think of Fena Gitu’s “Work” Cover

Rihanna’s “Work” is definitely a huge song. Do I like it now? Yes. Did I like it when it first came out? Nope but when a song is played at every social gathering more than once, be it with close friends or at a club, you’re going to learn how to love (or at least accommodate) it especially after every other person but you thinks it’s dope. That’s life.

So when a song is that huge, there are bound to be countless covers to it. (Remember Adelle’s Hello?) Some are actually good and easy on the ears and others, hmmm… I hear that if you have nothing good to say you better keep it inside so I’ll keep my mean comments to myself.

Now Fena, an artist whose music I enjoy, has put out her own rendition to “Work”. She starts off the record with “Everyone I know got a crush on Rihanna“… regardless of gender.

She uses a rough raggamuffin tone in some parts of the song then she switches it up to singing.

From the start of the track, I knew I was gonna love this one. Mainly because I can hear what she’s saying pretty clearly.This ain’t no “if”, “but” or “maybe”.

Fena sounds oh so good and you can tell that she was just having a good time while recording this, which she states in the song by singing “I’m just having fun with the music, Rihanna please don’t sue me…” Verse was one all freaky with her saying that she wants to “…bend up in the right ways till it hurts like it’s arthritis”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you’re way too young to be reading this let alone listening to the cover.

I honestly can’t say enough how much I love this cover. My guess is, every time they play Rihanna at the club, before or after, this one by Fena will definitely be on the playlist.

Good job Gitu! Truth be told, Fena Ngoma Zako Ni Kali!



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