Here’s What You Need To Know About “Fena Unplugged”

On the 4th of February this year, Fena will be hosting her own show, live in concert, Fena Unplugged at The Alchemist, Parklands Rd. Tickets go for Kshs. 1,000 for advance and from description from the events MyMookh page, which is where you get the tickets, this is the event’s description.

Themed “Urban Soul”, Fena shares Fenamenal stories of love, lust, pain and joy, ambition, hard work and resilience, setting the pace for Fena Music 2017.

Fena Gitu is a Kenyan singer and rapper who is perhaps most popularly known for tracks such as “Dutch” featuring Kagwe Mungai, Jabulani which popularized the phrase, “Fena ngoma zako ni kali” which she often uses in her shows and on her social media posts. Jabulani was followed by a remix that featured one of Kenya’s gifted Hip Hop artists, Xtatic.

She also did a track with Wangechi called “They Don’t Know” and most recently, did a verse on Kama Kawaida, a collabo between herself, Muthoni The Drummer Queen, Kagwe Mungai and Mayonde.

To understand more about the show here’s all you need to know about Fena Unplugged, from the phenomenal woman herself.
Ruby:  Explain the name Fena Unplugged.

Fena: Fena Unplugged because it will get you to see me raw on stage. It’s been a long time since I held a concert of my own therefore I’m pretty much bearing myself all over again to old and new audience so Unplugged is basically me just being myself on stage.

I saw a tagline, “Fill The Alchemist” why do you think that’s the perfect location for the show?

I think it’s a perfect location because it being my first concert I picked a venue that’s well known for concerts. It’s known for live music and Westlands is pretty easy to find. The ambiance there is great for a concert.

How similar would you say your campaign is to that of Cassper Nyovest?
It’s similar to Cassper Nyovest’s, it’s just that I’m not Cassper. I’m Fena and I’m doing it here feel like the Alchemist is a pretty easy place to fill if we all come out and buy tickets.

Do you think you’re gonna be able to fill it up?

Yeah. Why not? I really hope so. We’re really pushing for it so let’s see.

Any other artists who will be performing at the show?

Yes. I have a few guests coming onto the show. The whole point is to surprise you guys so yeah, should be fun.

What do the attendees (fans or otherwise) expect from the show and you as the headline artist?

Guys should expect a good time to celebrate the end of one of the local guest months in the year. It’s just a night to celebrate good music, good fun, meet people,  make new friends; just showing what Kenya has to offer musically.

What’s your goal with this show? Are there plans to have more as the year progresses?

Fena Unplugged has been work in progress. I did my first one last year, an acoustic version, to a small crowd and it was really inspiring to now make it bigger and actually go forth with it as a concert so my plan for it is to travel the world under Fena Unplugged be it concert or acoustic version but to bring it closer home, we’re gonna do Fena Unplugged around the country; the major cities in Kenya and maybe smaller club tours around Kenya.

Finally, someone asked me, “Why isn’t Fena as famous as she’s supposed to be?” What’s your comment on this?”

I don’t know. Make me famous! If you guys come to the show maybe you’ll make me famous!

Check out this clip of Fena performing her track African King, live at Koroga Festival.

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