AFRIMA 2018 Entry Submission Is Open!

Since May 25th, 2018, the fifth edition of AFRIMA – the biggest awards on the continent that rewards the creative energy of African music artists – has been receiving songs/recordings/videos from musicians, songwriters, video directors, producers, choreographers, and DJs either living on the continent or in the Diaspora.

Members of the creative generation positively redefining the continent’s cultural experience to the rest of the world are excited to notify us that the 2018 AFRIMA entry submission portal is open.

And only four easy steps are required:

1.    You must have African heritage.
2.    You must have publicly released a song (s) or music video (s) within the year under review –August 1, 2017, to August 1, 2018.
3.    Click on this link to upload a URL link to your song/recording/video.
4.    Submit your entry form, receive a confirmation message that your entry was successful and you’re done!

The main event will take place in November 2018 with three nights of awesome African cultural showpiece during the 5th AFRIMA awards ceremony programmes. Some of the Main Awards events to look forward to include:

1.    AFRIMA Music Village
2.    Nominees Party
3.    Africa Music Business Roundtable
4.    Special Reception by the President of the Host Country
5.    The Main Awards Ceremony broadcast live to 84 countries around the world

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