Here Is An Instagram Worthy Spot for You!

In Nairobi, the matrimonial pact between social media and restaurants is always exciting. Thus far the marriage is epic! Many restaurants in this vibrant city are well dressed in aesthetics that are just perfect for the camera – in every angle, sublime!

We paid a visit to one of our all-time fave stopovers on 3rd Avenue Parkland, and as per usual, we were influenced. Other than their bogof burger being king of the joint here are reasons why Coffee Casa’s photogenic nature is queen and highly favoring to the social media fanatics!

Pop, Art & Color
The power color holds is definitely beyond magic and without color what will we blend? Coffee Casa fathoms this entirely well as the pop within the restaurant has a subtle welcoming feel to it with vibrant artwork hanging on the walls, color cushion mixing all types of greens, reds, blues and yellows. The homely feeling is well bracketed with the pallet chairs that have a wide-ranged feel of comfort from the restaurant area to the bar side, all endowed with comfortable cushions of different colors and throw pillows dressed in artistic colorful pillowcases. For a photo lover and color police, you would definitely cop a beautiful shot with the colors off of these!

Lights & Vegetation
Lights, vegetation now action! Yes, that’s the radar. When going green we were probably intentional for green loves, the camera – and the camera loves green. The rich but modest presence of nature within the Coffee Casa bar has advanced its ambiance into something worth of relaxation and not to forget the lighting game which comes alive in the night and even now in this cloudy weather, where there is light and vegetation and you the muse plus the camera how would anything possibly go wrong?

Presence & Ambience
When they say presence sells, they are right (they is you and me mate). Without presence there is no story, there is no definition, there is nothing unique. Upon entry of coffee casa the first thing you will espy is the”Feel Good Today” this particular art is very well+ embroidered on their wall giving it funk and a cool feel. The art matches the white tiles, covering the whole indoor restaurant area with a peaceful ambiance any color dress, trousers, dyed hair or not is ideal aesthetic for a pic session within the restaurant.

Let’s Bridge it
Ideally, our favorite spot within the restaurant; a short bridge to the other side quite literally (haha), from the restaurant leading you to the bar, the wooden floor the open-air feel is indeed a friend to both nature and yourself as natural light will definitely meet you here for a story-telling picture. With the right angle, this is the perfect scenic spot for a picture worth words!

A good story is told daily but a better story requires other stories to create it. The casa is a home, and from homes come stories so how about you go experience a moment with your camera at the coffee casa and let’s read your story through your lenses on the gram!