Hennessy Online Rap Challenge Calling For Submissions

Hennessy is once again looking to partner with Kenyan Hip Hop artists for its next HennessyKE cypher through an Online Rap Challenge. This will be the 3rd Kenyan cypher organized by the French cognac under its theme ‘Never Stop Never Settle.’ 

The rules of participation are very simple and as follows:

  • Record a 60 Seconds video of your Cypher version using the cypher beat here
  • Upload it on Instagram or Twitter using #HennessyKE and tag @africanelitepr

The participants are required to be creative and ensure that their lyrics and videos are devoid of guns, violence, drugs, and extremely vulgar language. The submissions must be made before the 25th October 2021 deadline.

Hennessy has been keen on collaborating with Kenyan Hip Hop artists. Their first cypher which was released in April this year was a certified banger that featured Breeder LW, Steph, Steph Kapela, and Wakadinali. Coupled with a typical black and white cypher music video, this cypher racked up a lot of views and positive comments from fans.


The second cypher was released early this month and it featured Boutross, Monski, Xtatic, Rekles, and Elisha Elai. It was also well received by fans with many of them expressing their adoration for the verses of their respective favorite artists, Tim Rimbui’s fire beat and its colorful visuals.


Are you looking to feature on Kenya’s next biggest cypher? Hurry and make your submission before the deadline.

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