Heart Strings Set To Take Over Kenya’s Film Industry

Animation and animated related films are just beginning to become popular in Kenya, more creatives are coming out to express themselves and doing a great job at it. Martian FX is a group that has been working on animations in the past and are about to wow their audience with a captivating film titles Heart Strings set to be released soon.

Composed by Hendrick Kithiki and Samuel Mutuku, Heart Strings tells a story about two people from two different walks of lives and backgrounds whose paths cross in the most unexpected manner.

The main characters are Andy, a confident you man working as a cashier at a restaurant and a talented single mother living on the streets. The young lady, talented in playing the guitar manages to get Andys attention when he spares a note and drops it into her bowl on a street alley, she picks up the guitar and starts playing to the amusement of Andy.

They have released a one-minute trailer ahead of the seven-minute film which fans are super excited to get a full glimpse of.

Watch the trailer below: