Heart Break Hotel: Where Music, Laughter, and Pyjama-Clad Fabulousness Collide

Ever envisioned a place where heartbreak is not only embraced but turned into a night of laughter, music, and pyjama-clad fabulousness? Fast-rising singer IMA is set to bring this unique concept to life with the Heart Break Hotel event. The action takes place on December 6th in the Beer District, Westlands. This show promises attendees a night filled with fun and entertainment.

While the term “Heart Break Hotel” may evoke memories of Whitney Houston, Faith Evans, and Kelly Price’s hit song, IMA’s take on it is all about turning heartbreak into an enjoyable experience. This ladies-only affair invites attendees to dress in style with the dress code: “pyjamas but make it cute.” Anticipate an atmosphere where comfort meets chic, adding a touch of fabulousness to your night.

Reasons To Attend The Heart Break Hotel

Here’s a glimpse into why attending is a must:

  • Live Music: No event is complete without music. IMA will serenade the audience with songs from her new EP, “Therapy.” She will take listeners on a musical journey exploring various themes of love and relationships expertly crafted in the EP.
  • Customized Cocktails: To complement the themes around the “Therapy” EP, the event offers a variety of customized cocktails. Immerse yourself in flavors inspired by the emotional landscape of love, creating a unique and delightful experience for your taste buds.
  • A Night of Fashion: Adding a glamorous touch, Heart Break Hotel includes a mini fashion showcase featuring live models adorned in stylish pyjamas and lingerie. Expect a unique blend of comfort and fashion, proving that bedtime attire can be both cozy and chic.
  • Giveaways: Who doesn’t love freebies? The sponsoring brands have some fantastic giveaways in store for lucky attendees, making the night even more memorable.
  • Stand-Up Comedy: Prepare for a night of laughter as two stand-up comics take the stage, ensuring your ribs get a good workout. Comedy becomes the perfect complement to the musical and fashionable elements of Heart Break Hotel.

With all these exciting elements, this event offers the perfect midweek unwinding plan. Tickets are available on HustleSasa. Mark your calendar and join IMA and the fabulous attendees for an unforgettable night of heartbreak turned to joy.

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