Hair Colour Appointment Gone Wrong Leaves Azziad Nasenya Devastated

A routine hair colour appointment has left Social Media star Azziad Nasenya devastated after it went horribly wrong.

The Radio Presentor and actor took to social media to recount the horrible expirience, visibly still shaken.

“As usual I go to the guy who always dye’s my hair after work.”

“I was supposed to get conrows after getting my dye done, and this is what happened, my hair is literally falling off” The Tik Tok Star showed the falling hair.

Azziad Nasenya
Azziad Nasenya Courtesy: Instagram

Azziad said the hair stylist implied her hair was weak but after questioning and pressing on the matter he admitted to using a different dye from their usual one.

“I treat my hair all the time so you cannot tell me my hair is weak.”

After a rollercoaster of emotions while narrating her bad expirience, Azziad was optimistic things will be well.

“It’s hair, I believe everything happens for a reason, I don’t know the reason for this though.” She said

“I have to shave it, I cannot walk around looking like this.” She added.

Bien Welcomes Azziad To Baldman Association

After the news of Azziad’s bad hair expirience, Bien welcomed her to Balman’s association.

“Man A Baldman would like to welcome you into the association.” He wrote

Azziad welcomed the invitation, asking for the complimentaries to be sent in advance.