H_art The Band Reminisce Their Past From Single Room to Success

Musical Band H_art The Band have announced an upcoming project while reminiscing their humble beginnings to their success.

The Band posted a lengthy message on their Instagram, writing;

“Today marks a special day in our lives and careers.

What started out as three talented broke friends hanging out and jamming on the steps of Kenya National Theatre has evolved to what we are now as artists cum entrepreneurs.”

Their statement continued to read;

“Over time, we have grown immensely and along the way, we have met amazing new people, visited beutiful new places here and abroad, boarded a plane for the first time then many times thereafter and perfomed on stages that seemed like a far fetched dream back in our single room in Kayole.”

Party Time

The post gave a look at their upcoming Album, Party Time.

“Beutiful ladies and amazing gentle men, allow us on this momentous day to introduce the mood for this season.

8 tracks carefully selected and curated to help spread Love, Peace and positive vibes and surely infect you with Happiness beyond belief.IT’S PARTY TIME.”

The group urged their fans to interact and enjoy the Album, the way they have.

“May this Album ‘PARTY TIME’ bring you joy, happiness and on those lonely day wipe away your tears as it has for us.”

PARTY TIME drops on May 6th 2022.