Guinness Hosts Screening For “Black Shines Brightest Stories”

On Thursday, July 28, the Guinness hosted a screening for Black Shines Brightest Stories.

Black Shines Brightest Stories

Black Shines Brightest is a campaign by Guinness celebrating African creativity.

The series uncovers how Kenyan creatives in music, fashion, food, and arts explore their passion for what they do, their appreciation of their cultures and their aspirations as young creatives.

Some of Kenya’s most talented creatives feature in the series, including content creator and fashion designer Vivian Taabu popularly known as Swiry Nyar Kano, fashion designer Boguk, and visual artist Catherine Jepkemboi popularly know Minicheps, and Natalie; the founder of Mama Rocks Gourmet Burgers.

The stories showcase unfiltered personalized accounts from these creatives who are inspiring the younger generation through their work.

“Black Shines Brightest is immersive journey into the diverse creative talent that Kenya has to offer” Nick Mutuma

Speaking on the Black shines Brightest, Nick Mutuma the project’s director said the project is an immersive journey into the diverse creative talent that Kenya has to offer.

He added, “It reveals the challenges that these creatives have faced along the way and the resounding success they are now reaping as a result.”

Speaking further at the screening of the project at Emara Ole Sereni Hotel, Mutuma explained what the project meant to him.

“It shows who I am.

Young, Black people who are not boxed.”

He added, “As a crew we resonated with all the stories.”

“What makes this project special are the people.

We have such passionate, young, talented, driven, unapologetic people sharing their stories in their own voice.”

Guinness Black Shines Brightest Stories To Air on Maisha Magic

Black Shines Brightest Stories premiered on Maisha Magic on 23rd and 24th July. The series will run again on 30th and 31st of July.