Guardian Angel And Girlfriend Start New ‘Love’ Vlog

After being trolled, rebuked and given unsolicited advice, controversial couple Guardian Angel and Esther Musila are turning what looked like the end of their relationship into something golden.

The two have started a Youtube Vlog that will be sharing their love journey and how couples who find themselves in similar positions can thrive rather than fall.

The Vlog, titled “Love Wins Show”, will be posted on Musila’s Youtube page where she has 23,000 subscribers.

“This show is not only about intimate love, but about how God wants us to love each other according to his word in: 1 Peter 4:8. “Above all, love each other deeply because Love covers a multitude of sins’,” says Musila who is also a singer.

In the first episode, they narrated how the show came up with Guardian saying he had been visualizing about it for two years now.

“Love wins isn’t just a show for talking about love,” said Guardian.

“It’s a show that will focus on general love. Love from our fans. Love for people in need and love for just any human being.”

Early this month, Guardian who is just 31 years old was heavily ridiculed for dating Musila, 50. The two have been together for almost 3 years now.

Watch the show below:

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