Great News For Creatives As The Goethe-Institut Reopens This Month

Creatives can now celebrate a new home as Goethe-Institut Nairobi is re-opening its spaces after an over year-long closure. The cultural and arts space now boasts a modern new look following an extensive refurbishment. Some of its new facilities include a new revised library, a modern auditorium, and a multipurpose terrace.


“We had been planning the renovation of these spaces for quite a while but the time just wasn’t right due to the high foot traffic we used to receive. However, the COVID 19 lockdown, presented an opportunity for us to make the spaces more functional and user-friendly. We set out to create a convenient, fun and relaxing environment that will attract a diversity of visitors from all generations to come study, work, meet, exchange, inspire each other and learn new things.” Said Goethe-Institut Nairobi Director Lilli Kobler .

Courtesy of the renovation, the space can now accommodate new activities such as virtual reality (VR) and gaming. Additionally, there is also a kiddie section curated to nurture the creative talents of the young ones. “We are confident that the modernized spaces match the resources we offer and will make the Goethe-Institut Nairobi spaces a go-to location – a calm oasis in the bustling CBD. The space aims to be home to the long-standing Kenyan -German cultural and educational relations and provide our visitors, guests, staff, and diverse projects with innovative and inspiring experiences.”  The director further added.

Kiddie Section

Goethe-Institut Reopening Celebrations

In celebration of the new look, the Goethe-Institut Nairobi is hosting an action-packed 3-day reopening event from February 17-19. This event will feature several showcases from both upcoming and renowned artists.

VR project The Heritage Museum, Vinyl Exhibition by renowned music producer Jojo Records, and Just A Band’s new film Echo, are just some of the projects set to be exhibited during this reopening event. Furthermore, this ceremony will also include other fun activities such as workshops, children’s readings, presentations, exhibitions, a fashion pop-up, dance performances, film screenings, concerts, and a music showcase amongst others. This event is open to the public. More details are available on the Goethe-Institut official website.

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