Grandpa Records CEO Believes Wasafi Took Over Because He was On a Break

10 January of 2019 by

Grandpa Records CEO Yusuf Noah popularly known as Refigah believes the reason why Tanzania’s Wasafi Records is dominating in Kenya is because he was away.

Grandpa Records, which has been on a 22-month break, held a press conference at Steadmark Gardens in Karen on Monday to address the current state of Kenyan music industry, and announce their come back.

Refigah, who also announced that he’s making a return for only a year then another CEO will head his company, argued that Diamond Platnumz’s Wasafi Records has been in the market for several years but only took over after Grandpa went silent.

It’s because Kenyans have been unable to replace me,” he said.

“Just take a look, Wasafi has been around for at least three years. Diamond was the only one penetrating Kenya. But why have they taken over from 2016 to 2018, while we were away?”

Kenyan artists and presenters have been in a week-long heated exchange on who is killing the music industry. Artists accuse DJs and presenter of favoring Nigerians and Tanzanians when it comes to airplay. Presenters on the other hand are saying they do it because Kenyan artists are churning low quality music.

Refigah said it shouldn’t be about who is doing what but rather how can we do it together.

“All the industry stakeholders should work together in this,” he said in the presser.

“Journalists should stop being lazy and research what they write, artists should cooperate with media guys for interviews and other stakeholders.”

Refigah also launched two artists; Mistony and Baringo County Talent Awards winner Naiweti as the newest signees of the label.

He plans to focus on working with upcoming artists more than veteran musicians who have dominated the industry for years. Only younger artists can change the industry if given the opportunity he believes.

It’s time we get ride of the culture of recycling,” said Refigah.

New faces can also take the industry to a new level if we give them a chance. We would have never discovered Naiweti if we never went for a talent search in Baringo. So Grandpa will continue doing that and people should expect to hear young fresh talent from us more than ever before.”


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