Google For Kenya, 2nd Edition

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The second edition of Google for Kenya event was indeed a jaw-dropper, the interactive and creative-oriented event took place in the Movenpick hotel Westlands, adding glitz and content to what could easily be defined as ‘an event worth googling’. There was so much to show, tell and experience with the vast Google team, that had more to offer its audience than just what they hold close in their search feeds. The event was graced by different delegates and respectable names such as the CS Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage Dr.(Amb) Amina C.Mohamed and Dr.Mzalendo Kibunjia Director General National Museums of Kenya.

Every day with Google is a new experience whether you are equipped with knowledge or not. Google really is the marking scheme to all we feel or think we know as an online community. The event that was put together to highlight the Google experience in Kenya did not fail to indulge the audience in exciting features under Google to ensure an easy, get around mode for every Google user. The features that are currently available for downloads include:

Google Maps
This may seem a rather obvious feature, however I will have you know that Google Maps plays a huge role in ensuring that your travels are efficient. There is one thing to get to where you are going but there is another to get to where you are going -except without getting lost, wasting time in traffic and most importantly arriving with guidance from a reliable source

Google Maps has been simplified with wide options that cut across exploration, driving or being in transit. Within every option, there’s a choice to pin-point where you would want to go, i.e if you need to identify a restaurant or a pharmacy nearby, Google Maps has you covered , as it offers an array of options and vividly points the closest ones to you .This is not all, you can easily set up your place (where you live) through the feature, your timelines of travel and can easily share your location to friends. Google is indeed on a ladder to making life easier and the convenience is remarkably a basic requirement for all.

Google Go
The common saying time is money has been actively depicted by Google. The Google Go feature that acts as a quicker ,efficient search app is introduced to the market to make online searching extremely simple .The feature works swiftly on internet connection and other devices making access to web pages, images, education or anything an internet user is interested in, accessible by a click.Not only is the feature sorted according to different interests and subjects , one can equally search content using their voices just by tapping the microphone icon.

In addition there’s the Google Assistant that is designed for voice control and can easily help you navigate your phone without typing.The interactive Google Assistant is really a practical assistant as through your voice command the Assistant can make phone calls for you, advise you on the weather, set your alarm , read your messages , navigate you to work and more than anything plays you the news according to your preference or priority.A reliable time saver and all in one app.

We all love a good selfie and are all guilty of ensuring that all our pictures are well stored and sorted. Google has ensured that our guilty-pleasures are met by the reliable Gallery Go ,a fast app designed to specifically ensure that all pictures are up to standard and are promptly accessible. Despite loving a good selfie, good is just never enough and this is why the app is equipped with tools that enhance your photos to look almost idyllic ,from the light enhancer, cropping or rotating of a picture to what you may view as appealing. The app can be downloaded on the google store and uses only 4mbs and what’s more exciting is, it can be used offline. For a community that loves a brilliant selfie, this is definitely a must have.

The digital era is slowly taking over thus we cannot pay a blind eye to the most vital thing, Education. Google that is widely used with at least every student to learn or research on content has introduced a learning app called Bolo .Bolo is a tutoring app that is designed for primary students to improve on their reading in wide subjects. The app is dependable as its been designed to work offline and has an advantage of working with Diya (Voice assistant) who helps the children read and compliments them once they do a good job. How sublime.
Dear folks this is highly recommended and is timely as its holiday season and Diya is ready to help your child muscle up in every single online lesson!

Google Arts and Culture
To not live in the past is to not live the future.The digital era may seem a storm swamping the roots but not so fast. Google is ensuring that arts and culture are well restored. The Utamaduni Wetu was launched thanks to the Google Arts and culture app, an online platform through which people can access images of artworks in high resolution form from the comforts of their homes or convenience.The app enables users to virtually tour partner museums, with a street view feel to it. It equally has a vast appreciation of diverse arts and culture in the Kenyan community including, detailed features such as 21 heroes Kenyans should know, all the tribes of Kenya, the different cultures within the Kenyan people and the in-depth write-ups of exactly what defines the communities from regalia, to historical reads, quite an attention grabber. This is a fun favorite for obvious reason that culture is home and no matter how far or modernized one can be, culture is still the root of society and Google is indeed aware of this.

The exciting fact about all the above features is that none takes up over 5MBS while downloading. These apps are not only useful but are an enormous player in our daily lives. Google has indeed recreated a future, a future that is not hard to be part of , a future that promises knowledge and more than anything a future that is accessible from your fingertips. The time is now.

Don’t believe us? Google it!


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