Good Vibes & Good Food; Tamima Tamtam Restaurant Review

Guys, you know we are about good joints and good food. Here is a spot that is worth your dime and true to the hype it has been getting on socials. The first time seeing it online, it seemed unreal. Truth be told the images of the said restaurant looked like some magazine cutout. Tamima’s TamTam is located at Mountain mall along the Thika super highway meters away from the famous Roasters stage.

This little cloud of heaven does indeed live up to his hype. It’s the true definition of a diamond in the rough. Tacked at the corner of the first floor, this intimate space embodies; thought, love and comfort.

What stood out was the cool blue hues that lay on white giving the restaurant a comforting yet clean look and pink hints on the table ooze of Schick. If you are looking for a space to have a meeting while you enjoy a sumptuous meal this is it.

Enough about the space, let’s dig into the food. Took a friend with me and we decided to try out their Swahili dishes. We ordered the Viazi Karai for the starter, the portion was great, and the crispy outer coating soaked nicely in the Ukwaju. I however wish the chef would consider seasoning the batter as the taste didn’t live up to the expectation.

Our main course consisted of a portion of Pilau and chicken Biriyani. Guys, this is among the best Biriyani on this side of the Sahara. The sauce was just the right amount of spicy and the chicken literally fell off the bone. The rice had a nice color twist to it, unlike the conventional yellow and white mix, this guys have a rainbow thing going on.

The Pilau was okay, and the rice and beef balance was great but they could do better. The flavor profile was somewhat underwhelming after having the biriyani slurp so hard.

It’s dessert time! Ever tried Mahamri and a milkshake, this combo is the truth. We ordered and Blueberry milkshake and a chocolate chip and oreo shake. These guys clearly understood the assignment. They had the right consistency and the taste was out of this world.

Guys, this place is a 7/10. The ambience is great, pricing is fair, service is excellent and the food is dope! This experience set us back about 2700 bob for two and I can tell you it was worth it. Please go ahead and explore Tamima’s TamTam.

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